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Projects description

The guidelines on the project were initially made quite clear; a residential apartment not so huge including four residential floor and a parking area on the lowest floor. The project site is located in an alley approximately in the midst of Ghasrodasht St. Shiraz,Iran. The primary intention of the project employer turned out to be inhibition in the building rather than making an investment for gaining some financial profit. This, in fact, implied that we would not have been faced with a project solely with a business target on the horizon. The project starts in 2017 and builds on the old home of the employer who has been living in it for twenty years and we should change the function from single unit to the apartment. The personal employer’s interest to perfect landscape leads us to explore these green areas to the stony entrance wall that cause fluidity of every space and create perfect aspect to see the yard from every angle besides maximum opening area which could cause perfect connection from visual communication to landscape.
Moreover, different types of plan in façade part of building and the affection of these inner area cause geometric variety in the cortex of the building and this variety with different type of opening could disappearing the separation of each floor in the façade and create an integrated elevation in the external texture. Therefore, south façade designed to protecting integration between external view and internal residential character. In addition, the result of this aspect causes variety outdoor view in each floor.
As the south sunlight is the best light, we search for the maximum light and air circulation in this façade, and also to creating an impressive elevation; window’s depth and wood louver shutters changing the façade from 2D into 3D and the contrast and also material differences next to the windows explore these items viewers.
Design Team : Arash Aliabadi,Ara Aliabadi,Nazanin Mojahed Mahsa Hosseini,Mehnoush Nazari,Mahsa Mohammadpour
Photography : Navid Atrvash
Year : 2020
Location : Shiraz, Iran
Area : 1100 m2
Client : Mr. Amanat
Status : Built

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